Augmented Child Experience

Have you ever thought about going back to your childhood ?

We propose a novel wearable suit that virtually realizes a child's embodiment and experience while preserving the user's interactions and perceptions. Virtualized child's embodiment through our own body will provide opportunities to feel and understand a child's perception and recognition, to encounter inspirations in daily life and to evaluate products and spaces such as hospitals, public facilities and homes from the aspect of universal design.

Japanese -> AI Lab, Univ, of Tsukuba,

The suit consists of a visual line translator and passive hand exoskeletons. The visual translator simulates a child's POV(point of view) by using a pan-tilt stereo camera attached at the waist position and a HMD(Head-Mounted Display). The pan-tilt mechanism follows the user's head behavior. The passive hand exoskeletons simulate a child's tiny grasping motion by using multiple quadric crank mechanisms and a child-size rubber hand.

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